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Retail Technology Systems

Networking Services: Our experienced networking and hardware specialists know your business, and know your needs. Whether you own your premises or rent, let us design a customized infrastructure that increases your productivity. Our customized design services include computer networking, including connectivity between facilities. We can spec, procure and install servers, printers and other peripherals. We can even advise you on telephony purchases and desktop hardware upgrades. Do you have remote workers or field staff? Increase their productivity with laptops, desktops and hand-held devices.

POS System: If your business depends on Point-Of-Sales (POS) systems, you know how vital they are to your day-to-day operations. Tactical Technologies is experienced with many types of POS systems geared to different businesses. We can spec a system for you, procure the equipment and connectivity, and take care of installation and set-up.

Security Systems: The use of a good, reliable and easy-to-maintain security system can be an invaluable asset to your bottom line. Tactical Technologies can specify a complete security system tailored to your premises, your business and your budget. Our security system packages include all hardware and software, plus full installation and set-up services. Your benefit is peace of mind and more control over your inventory and assets.

Contact Us to request a specialized quotation. Your success is our success -- let us partner with you to make your business a success!